Not Quite Normal

Home Brewing

After brewing a couple of extract kits I've made the move to All Grain.  This involves starting from the raw materials used to make beer - malt barley, hops, water and yeast and hopefully ending up with something tasty :) 

Building an automated home brewery

I'm trying to automate my brewing as much as possible using the BrewTroller system. I'm documenting the various stages of the project over on the Bald Brewery website.

Building the BrewTroller

All Grain Brewing Equipment

As most of the equipment needed is relatively simple I constructed the components myself.  I've documented how I went about it in the following sections.

Making the boiler
Making the mash tun
Making the wort chiller
Making the fermentation chamber

Brew Days

Here you can find writeups of the brews I've done.

AG #1 - Old Yella
AG #2 - Gob Hoblin
AG #3 - 'ansome Job
AG #4 - Four Shades of Stout
AG #5 - Chinooks Away
AG #6 - Tumbleabout Strong Bitter
AG #7 - Timothy Taylor Landlord
AG #8 - Nerdinger
AG #9 - Nelson's Challenge