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My 3rd all grain brew was my first from a recipe, not a kit, and is a St Austell 'Proper Job' clone - basically an English IPA. It's also my first brew with American hops in it - hopefully going to have lots of citrus flavours. It will be dry hopped with 25g of Cascade in the secondary as well.

Ingredients and Method

'ansome Job

Brew length: 23L

5KG Pale 2-row malt
0.25 kg Wheat, Torrified

25.00 gm Chinook 90 min
20.00 gm Cascade 10 min
20.00 gm Goldings 10 min
20.00 gm Cascade 0 min
20.00 gm Goldings 0 min

1 Protafloc Tablet 15 mins boil

1 pack of S-04 yeast. 

Dry hop with 20-30g of Cascade in the secondary.

OG 1050 
4.9% ABV
40.1 IBUs

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Started at around 9am. Treated the water with half a campden tablet per 5 gallons as usual. Didn't take many photos of this one as had a friend round and was getting lots of things ready. As our water is very soft (around 30 ppm alkalinity) I added 10g of gypsum to the mash and 5g or so to the boil to up the calcium levels for the enzymes and hops.

First wort hops in and first runnings going into boiler. Ran it off a little slower this time and seemed to get a clearer wort. The white specks you can see on the hop strainer is the 5g of gypsum.

Collected more than before - around 30 litres. Came pretty close to the top of the boiler but didn't boil over :)

Full FV prior to pitching the yeast. I collected around 22 litres at 1052 so I think the gypsum in the mash may have helped with my efficiency. Wort was very clear and tasted smoother than the previous two brews.

Fermenting nicely now. I'm going to rack to a secondary FV after it's finished and add the dry hops. Looking forward to trying this one :)


Transferred it to the secondary after 8 days - FG was 1014 so around 5%. Dry hopping it for 10 days with 26g of Cascade.