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My second all grain brew was an Gob Hoblin kit from Barley Bottom.

Ingredients and Method

Gob Hoblin

4KG Maris otter
0.18 kg Crystal Malt
0.15 kg Barley, Flaked
0.15 kg Wheat, Torrified
0.05 kg Chocolate Malt

55.00 gm Fuggles 90 min
20.00 gm Bobek 15 min
15.00 gm Bobek 0 min
1 Protafloc Tablet 15 mins boil

1 pack of S-04 yeast. 

OG 1047
4.5% ABV
33.6 IBUs
12.7 SRM

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Started at around 11am. Treated the water with half a campden tablet per 5 gallons.

First outing for the new mash tun and strainer setup which will hopefully solve the run off problems that happened last time.

Doughing in. Mash was thicker this time - 2.5 to 1. Start temperature was 66.5C. Let it mash for 90 minutes or so then batch sparged.

First runnings - no stuck mash this time :)

Spent grain in the mash tun - excellent for compost :)

Nice rolling boil - first hops going in.

Chiller on and cold break forming.

Running off into an FV, through a sieve this time to catch any stray hops - big drop to airate the wort for the yeast. I took a hydrometer reading at this stage - 1045 - a bit short of the 1047 - may need to work on the efficiency of my mash :|

Full FV prior to pitching the yeast. I collected around 21 litres - a bit short of the 23 litres I wanted. Still need to account for more loss to trub I think.

Fermenting nicely now. I'm going to rack to a secondary FV after it's finished on the primary and then bottle it.