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My fifth all grain brew based on a recipe off the forums. I've upped the amounts slightly to compensate for my 70% efficiency, added some torrified wheat that I had lying around for some head retention and adjusted the hop schedule to fit what I had in the freezer. The US-05 yeast should give a nice clean hoppy pint.

Ingredients and Method

Chinooks Away

Brewlength 23L

4.500 kg Low Colour Marris Otter
0.250 kg Torrified Wheat
0.250 kg Vienna Malt
0.134 kg Munich Malt
0.090 kg Caramalt

20.00 gm Chinook 12.7% AA 90 min
35.00 gm Chinook 12.7% AA 15 min
20.00 gm Chinook 12.7% AA 0 min

1 Protafloc Tablet 15 mins boil

1 pack of US-05 yeast. 

OG 1047
4.7% ABV
39 IBUs

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Started at around 10am. Treated the water with half a campden tablet per 5 gallons.

Part of the grain bill. Some Vienna malt, Munich malt and Caramalt visible here.

Water treatments / salts to get the water profile for a dry pale ale. Gotta collect them all!

Doughing in. Mash was 2.5 to 1. Start temperature was 66C.

Mash pH was close to 5.2 - was pleased as this was the first time I've measured it :) Let it mash for 120 minutes.

The hops. Mmmmm - Chinooks.

First runnings and first wort hops in

Coming to the boil. Was too close to the top so decanted 2 litres off and added it back in half way through. I need a bigger boiler.

Chiller on.

After chilling for 15 minutes or so. You can see the wort is much more cloudy now - I think due to the proteins coming out of solution.

Running off into the FV using spoon to hold the sieve. I thought it was a good idea - filters and aerates the wort for the yeast at the same time.

Cold break around the chiller.

Shit! - Aerated a little too well. Sanatised the trusty giant spoon and scooped some of the head off.

Checking the gravity - 1047 ish. Think I might try a false bottom in the mash tun to see if I can up my efficiency.

Full FV and US-05 yeast pitched.

Collected 23L :)

Smooth brewday - could have been smoother if I had a bigger boiler. 70L stockpot soon I think :)