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Archive of September 2009

Brewing Calculator for Android September 24

My friend Arthur has started writing Android applications and as I couldn't find a home brewing calculator for Android I asked him to write one.

Behold, the just released Brewing Calculator - available on the Android Marketplace for £2.


At the moment it has the following features:

  • Strike temperature
  • Water heating time
  • Dilution
  • Batch Sparge Volume Calculator

I've made a couple of suggestions already, namely that the tabs are replaced with buttons allowing more features to be added and support for US measurements (which will be coming soon apparently), but as it is it's a great start and a useful app to have :) SRM measurement via the camera would be awesome but hard to calibrate ;)

Thanks Arthur :)

Third all grain brew September 14

Did my third all grain brew yesterday, my first using a recipe and no kit.

This is a St Austell 'Proper Job' clone - an English IPA - which I will be dry hopping in the secondary with Cascade.

This was also the first time I've added gypsum to the mash to up the calcium levels in the liquor for the enzymes, and the first time I've put the 90 minute hops in with the first runnings - apparently this can give you a hoppier tasting beer.

Writeup of the brew day with a couple of photos is now in the brewing section.

Beer bottle labels September 8

I've bottled my second batch and made labels for around half of them. It makes a huge difference :)

It's quite a simple label - I didn't draw the goblin - I found it on the interwebs somewhere, and the font used is from The whole thing was put together in The Gimp and printed using gLabels.