Not Quite Normal

First all grain brew July 21

Finally got round to doing my first all grain home brew - Old Yella from Barley Bottom.

It went pretty well - the mash tun was the main problem as I'd not cut enough slits in the filter so the runoff stuck, but the boiler and chiller worked very well :)

Things I've learnt:

  • Start early - possibly prepare the water the night before
  • Write down quantities with the instructions on the checklist
  • Spending a little more time on your equipment saves you a lot of hassle later on - see mash tun filter problems
  • You lose a surprising amount to evaporation, trub and deadspace - I lost almost 30%
  • It's better to ferment for longer at slightly cooler temperatures than too quickly at too high a temperature
  • Not everyone loves the smell of mashing grain or boiling hops ;)

I've done a write up of the brew day with photos and added it to the home brewing section.