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My sixth all grain brew based on another recipe off the forums. After doing a lot of pale hoppy ales I wanted a good strong english bitter for the cold months of winter. I adjusted the amounts for a 23L brew length and treated the water for a bitter. This brew also used Tuckers pale malt from the local brewery at 70 pence a kilo, making it my cheapest brew yet at around £10 for all the ingredients, equating to 25 pence a pint :)

Ingredients and Method

Tumbleabout Strong Bitter

Brewlength 23L

5.200 kg Pale Malt
0.400 kg Crystal Malt
0.225 kg Wheat Malt

100.00 gm Fuggles 3.9% AA 75 min
20.00 gm East Kent Goldings 4.6% AA 15 min
15.00 gm East Kent Goldings 4.6% AA 0 min

1 Protafloc Tablet 15 mins boil

1 pack of S-04 yeast.    

OG 1053
5.3% ABV
40 IBUs
11 SRM


Didn't take any pictures of this one. Treated the water the night before for a change and then started early to finish the brew by lunchtime. Didn't hit the mash temperature I wanted this time - I was aiming for 66C but only hit 64-65 - I need to heat my strike water up more to compensate for heat loss during the transfer to the mash tun.

Mashed for 2 hours, ran off fine and boil all ok. Smashed knuckle into outside wall trying to fit chiller inlet hose onto outside tap - need a Hozelock connector. Turned tap on and went inside to find the outlet hose had jumped out of the sink into a box. Yanked hose out forgetting outlet water is boiling hot and scalded my already bleeding hand :|

Collected 22.5 litres in all. It's been bubbling away for 8 days now so will transfer to secondary tonight and then bottle in a few days.