Not Quite Normal

CATaLOG talk and progress March 30

I'll be giving a talk on the CATaLOG project at the Ignite Cardiff event on Wednesday 8th April.  The format is somewhat like a lightning talk - 20 slides, each slide auto advanced after 15 seconds, 5 minutes in total.  Looking forward to it :)

The project itself is almost complete.  I built the power supply and interface circuitry at the weekend which has made the whole thing a lot neater and more stable. There is a minor bug where the minutes component of the time a cat has been outside rolls into the thousands after a few hours, but I expect that will be easy to fix.

After that I'll need to machine the housing, flash a WRT54g to get a wireless network bridge and fit the IR beams so the system can actually detect the direction of the cat instead of simply flipping a boolean.